Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maps & Atlases - "Fever"

We've already gotten a hint of it on Chicago technical pop foursome Maps & Atlases track "Winter" but their latest track "Fever", pretty much guarantees that the folk-inspired sound with occasional dips into chamber pop will be a thing of the past on their upcoming sophomore album Beware and Be Grateful. Which turns out isn't all that bad.

"Fever" with it's skittering guitar riffs continues Maps & Atlases transformation into a highly accessible rock group almost completely without rival. While no longer relying heavily on complicated rhythms, the technique and precision and just, all around talent that the group mastered in their "math rock" days really shine through here. And yet, it's the best of both worlds - Maps & Atlases keep their distinctive sound (aided no doubt by Dave Davison's ever distinct vocals) while offering something that sounds different from their previous ventures (there's a kind of Phil Collins-esque big beat in Chris Hainey's drumming).  So while the sprawl of Perch Patchwork might be a thing of the past, Maps & Atlases newfound busy-ness might very well be for the better.

Hear Maps & Atlases' "Fever":

Maps & Atlases' Beware and Be Grateful is out April 17th on Barsuk Records.

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