Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Watch: OH MY! - "Sunshine In Your Eyes"

You may had never heard of OH MY! before but chances are that's about to change. Today the Swedish indie-pop quintet released the video for "Sunshine In Your Eyes" and it's pretty incredible. Directed by Heart-Sick Groans Henric Wallmark (who is completely responsible for me stumbling upon OH MY!) and Jerker Häggström, the video features two young girls who take over a pizza parlor offering special ingredients that have a pretty nifty effect on the consumer - uncontrollable dance. The girls' hijacked pizza place becomes increasingly popular as they feed patrons more and more of the special pizza and becomes a veritable dance party. Satisfied with the impressive amount of profits they've managed to make off the witless pizza proprietor, the two then slip out undetected to conduct a bit of shady business involving a back alley bicycle seller.

Watch OH MY!'s video for "Sunshine In Your Eyes":

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