Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watch: Sea of Bees - "Broke"

Considering her last video has Julie Bee in all sorts of wacky face-paint and costumes, the video for "Broke" could come as a breath of fresh air- literally. Unlike "Skinnybone", "Broke" takes place in the wide open spaces. There's no real plot or concept, just Jules rocking out to her track near a lake with some random shots of her doing cool, random stuff like drawing on a glass panel in the middle of a meadow and sending off a message in a bottle. And yet it doesn't really need to - the track which is more or less about catharsis does just that along with the video - as Julie hoops, hollers, screams, shouts, and thrashes about alongside the crests and peaks of the track there's a pretty nice tension and release. Watch Sea of Bees' video for "Broke":

Sea of Bees' Orangefarben is out May 1st.

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