Monday, April 30, 2012

Watch: Here We Go Magic - "How Do I Know"

Less than  a week ago, I was introduced to Here We Go Magic and the bright infectious pop of "How Do I Know" and now, there's a fancy video. Directed by Sean Pecknold (who directs videos for people besides Fleet Foxes, who knew!), the the video pretty much establishes the central conflict right at the beginning. A man  must choose between his hot wheelchair bound wife or a dancing robot that fills the void his wife can't. This results in the man dragging the sleep mode robot into the desert and activating her as he watches her boogie all day long. When the man gets his fill and busts a couple of his own moves, he takes her back to the dancing robot plant. It's tragic really and if I were in his shoes, I probably would've chosen the rambunctious dance-bot but that's just me.

Watch Here We Go Magic's video for "How Do I Know":

Here We Go Magic's A Different Ship on May 8th.

(via Stereogum)

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