Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conveyor - "Mane"

Brooklyn rock quartet Conveyor are rapidly proving themselves as one of my favorite new bands this year - releasing the endlessly delightful "Mukraker" mere months ago and already following it with their brand new single "Mane" today, it's no doubt their eventual debut album is going to be a must listen.

"Mane" is a much-appreciated taste of warmer weather - built upon a balmy beach pop riff which plods on with a sort of easy-breezy casualty that's the very definition of infectious. On "Mane", Conveyor prove that they have an even more impressive set of tunes in them - a revelation that should be shocking considering how great their releases have been so far.

There's no word on the release date on their album yet but if Conveyor keep rolling out tunes like "Mane", I'd be content to wait for as long as they want. Enjoy "Mane":

You can download their brand new single for a pay-what-you-want rate on their Bandcamp as well as pre-order the not free but incredibly worth it 7" which comes with B-side "Maine". It's good stuff. Pre-order is available here.

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