Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watch: Father John Misty - "This Is Sally Hatchet"

Up until now, Father John Misty's videos have toed the lines of cleverly-spun insanity while featuring a sort of poignant message. "Hollywood Cemetery Forever Sings" saw Aubrey Plaza acting out in what we all can assume was a fit of rebellious grief. "Nancy From Now On" was more or less a love story between J.Tillman and his dominating costar. If there's a simple resonating point in "Sally Hatchet", it's not quite that obvious to me. Which is not to say that it's not there or that the video isn't good. It's just the most out there of the videos Tillman's release so far.

"Sally Hatchet" features everything from pentagram-cut pizzas (I'm reminded of Jonquil's "It's My Part" video) to disfigurement, and there's a sultry vixen who ties it all together. Taking pity on Tillman's questionable sanity and recent handicap and letting her pal around with her as she goes to shoot off guns and be all around awesome. No sign yet of any simple underlying message in this video but it's certainly a good one. Featuring a sort of chaotic yet restrained crazy that few can do so masterfully. Essentially, I'm in awe. And a little scared. Which is exactly as it should be.

Watch Father John Misty's video for "Sally Hatchet":

Father John Misty's Fear Fun is out now on Sub Pop Records.

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