Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Watch: Knickers - "My Baby's Just A Baby (But I Love Him So)"

Considering I've been a fan of Mark West since his days in Fanfarlo, when he announced that in addition to his frontman position at the helm of The Lost Cavalry that he played organ in Knickers, well it was pretty much clear that I'd check them out. Add to the fact that the band seemed to have the most British of bandnames and I almost didn't care if they were good or not.

Thank goodness for me (and you) that they actually are. Knickers craft some retro-pop jams that are pretty much the cat's pajamas. They're the right level of old school without seeming all that reductive or been-there-done-that. And the band apparently has a sense of humor. Their video for "My Baby's Just A Baby (But I Love Him So)" features Knickers sole woman member Sarah Eisenfisz plays house with her bandmembers (though really just one of them, while the rest are banished to hang in her closet for later). All of whom appear to be very much dead. It's the most playfully fun handling of necrophilia that you're probably ever going to witness.

Watch Knickers' video for "My Baby's Just A Baby (But I Love Him So)":

Knickers debut My Baby's Just A Baby 7" EP is out May 21st on Elefant Records.

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