Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Watch: Sondre Lerche & Lars Vaular - "Øynene Lukket"

In a year filled with collaborations and team ups that have quite honestly been nonsensical, puzzling, and in some extreme cases downright terrible, here's one of the collaboration that makes so much sense I'm surprised it hasn't happened before. Little know fact is that Norwegian wunderkind turned savvy wunder-adult Sondre Lerche has a cousin who's a successful rapper in Norway by the name of Lars Vaular. The two teamed up (along with frequent collaborator Kato Adland and Sondre Lerche's drummer Dave Heilman) to create a best of both worlds track. Lerche shines in his role a singer/guitarist (as he well should) and while I have very little idea what Lars is actually rapping since he raps in his native Norwegian, it's silky smooth and full of flow.

Watch Sondre Lerche & Lars Vaular's dynamite collaboration "Øynene Lukket" here:

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