Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Esta Vivo - "Smile Back"

It's a bit surprising that I've yet to talk about Chicago musician Esta Vivo yet. I met him less than a year ago in the We Listen For You room during Turntable.fm's heyday and was utterly charmed by Together We Step. Since then I've gotten to know the man on a more personal level and more or less forgot that I never did talk about his tunes. Until today. Earlier this month, Esta Vivo dropped "Smile Back" from his upcoming full length  Befitting Flesh.

"Smile Back" is a bright, effervescent, springy jam that belies its bedroom pop composition. It's the kind of sunny tune that's fitting either for a boost of much needed sunlight on a rainy day (like it happens to be here today) or for jubilant agreement with the oncoming warm, summery weather. Either way, "Smile Back" is a catchy gem that makes the wait for Beffitting Flesh seem all the much more torturous.

Have a listen to Esta Vivo's "Smile Back":

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