Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ghost Lake - Late Spring Morning Sunlight EP (2012)

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A couple months ago I was introduced to Heart-Sick Groans' Henric Wallmark's solo project Ghost Lake with the title track from his debut EP "Late Spring Morning Sunlight". Well, actually I was also introduced to the EP proper and while I made sure to post the aforementioned title track, the rest of the EP kind of fell by the wayside. A huge mistake, I assure you. 

Ghost Lake's Late Spring Morning Sunlight EP is a series of introspections where each song effortless invokes sunlight softly streaming into your bedroom window. Opener and title-track being the most obvious in this as Wallmark croons about the way the early morning sun shines on his lovers skin. Rowdier track "Music" recalls fellow Swedish pop purveyors Suburban Kids With Biblical Names with it's chorus: "All I care about is music, it's the only thing that means anything to me" that has a very "Loop Duplicate My Heart"-esque rejection of others.  On Late Spring Spring Morning Sunlight, Wallmark plays with a delicacy that imbues each song with a quiet sincerity while also creating a gratifying work of musical composition. 

Even stripping away the overtly pop dressing of Heart-Sick Groans, Wallmark still manages to create a set of delightfully memorable musical moments. The result is something that while a bit rough around the edges sounds very much like a well-kept secret. But do yourself and him a favor and spread it as far and wide as you can. Late Spring Morning Sunlight is a secret that doesn't need keeping despite what its heartfelt intimacy might suggest.

Give Ghost Lake debut EP a listen and make sure to spread the good word:

You can download the EP for free at THEM Records here

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