Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watch: Bowerbirds - "Always An Ear to Bend"

Are you one of those unlucky souls who was completely in the dark about Bowerbirds' Record Store Day release? A limited edition 7" featuring "In the Yard" with b-side "Always An Ear To Bend". I picked it up and ravenously consumed it. But fear not. While gallivanting around Europe, the Bowerbirds stopped at Soul Kitchen in France to film a two video acoustic session. Well, kind of. The whole of the Bowerbirds aren't present - instead you get Phil Moore doing solo acoustic versions of their songs which is rather special in it's own right. So in addition to hearing brand new song "Always An Ear To Bend", you also get to see the Bowerbirds are they are rarely seen - without all of their members. Phil Moore solo. Up close, personal, and intensely intimate. Enjoy.

And just for fun, here's "Stitch the Hem" also part of the Soul Kitchen sessions.

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