Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Watch: Hundred Waters - "Sonnet" Live

A couple weeks ago, Gainesville Florida quintet and current soundtrack to my dreams Hundred Waters tweeted about recording an acoustic song for Portals out in Denver while on tour. "How?" I thought as the groups majestic awe-inspiring tunes are largely powered by their dizzying electronics. Of course I was intrigued. From their live set you could tell the group are tremendously talented and don't use their gizmos and gadgets as a crutch but more of an extension of their wealth of ideas and vehicle for otherworldly transportation, how would they stack up without them? Would they still be able to create dreamy tapestries? In case you're still pondering the answer to this question - the answer is yes. Swapping out synths for guitars, and adding in a muted trumpet alongside Sam Moss on glockenspiel, the band still have it; that magical ephemeral spark that makes you get lost in their quiet calm and Nicole Miglis and Sam's ethereal vocals.

Check out Hundred Waters acoustic version of "Sonnet" for Portals:

Their debut self-titled full length is out now, listen/buy/stream/love it here.

(via Portals)

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