Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watch: Ghost Lake - "Late Spring Morning Sunlight"

Henric Wallmark of Heart-Sick Groans may function as the groups co-songwriter and producer and created his own solo project but did you know he's also a talented video producer? Yes, clearly the man's dripping with talent. While he's mostly produced videos for others, it makes sense that with his solo project Ghost Lake, that he'd have a hand in that too. 

The video for "Late Spring Morning Sunlight" sees a bunch of masked dancers infiltrating a rather small apartment, packed into kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and the like where they pulse along with the tracks rhythms and slowly devolve tanking on the characteristics of their monster masks. The change is subtle, as they sip tea and cook meals before filtering out into other parts of the dwelling where their dancing becoming more rigorous and wild. The coloring gives the video both the look of a home video while also casting things in a sort of otherworldly glow. 

A much more fitting video than any sort of literal interpretation of the track. Watch the video for Ghost Lake's "Late Spring Morning Sunlight":


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