Friday, May 4, 2012

Pitstop: Zulu Winter

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Featured on Listen Before You Buy's Best Songs of 2011 shortlist as well as their Ones to Watch for 2012 artist listing, I can't really explain why it's taken me so long to get into Zulu Winter. I remember hearing a song of there's a couple months back and being impressed enough to put the release of their debut album Language on my own personal list of upcoming album releases.

So what is it about Zulu Winter that had me decide to buy their album based solely on one song? Well, the London indie rock quintet play a sort of intricate, precisely layered rock that belies their rather short time together. Listening to any of their songs might remind you of other British rockers Wild Beasts but not in a copycat sense - more for the similar driving tempos with layers of instrumental complexity. Zulu Winter play the kind of perfectly balanced pop rock that's a favorite of mine to listen to. The kind that doesn't trade in the rock for a more accessibility and the potential for radio play. Mind you, Zulu Winter's music is very catchy and would be perfect for radio but their music is easily the kind that's worth waiting in line to see. Equally at home in intimate venues as well as the arenas they seem destined to play. Zulu Winter play the kind of guilt-free pop rock that I think everyone's looking for. Sure to become an instant favorite even if it does take you awhile to realize it.

Get a taste of Zulu Winter:

Their debut album Language is out May 14th in the UK and June 19th stateside so mark your calendars because you won't want to miss it.

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