Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Listen: Saint Rich - "Sorry/Sadly"

If for some reason you've been able to stop listening to Delicate Steve's Positive Force, you're in for another all-consuming release from Steve Marion. He's got a side project with bandmate Christian Peslak by the name of Saint Rich and their first single" Sorry/Sadly" is a slice of homey even-kneeled Southern-inspired rock. It's too clean and polished to be proper Southern rock but damn if it doesn't try. A burst of sunny guitar licks to warm you in the upcoming seasonal thaw.

An album's currently in the works and it might but be offensively catchy enough to make you never want to listen to anything else ever again. That's quite a statement based on a three minute debut track, I know. But I've got high high hopes for Saint Rich. Here's hoping there's more to come soon.

Listen to Saint Rich's debut single "Sorry/Sadly":

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