Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All Around Sound Is Turning Three! - Day 3: Small Plates Records

With the large pool of music out there to consume it sometimes to have a stable, reliable source to tap for good picks. Better yet if they're actually the ones releasing the music. It's kind of inevitable (at least if you do it right) that you fall into the caring embrace of a label whose rosters is filled with great bands. Dead Oceans, Frenchkiss, Sub Pop, the choices seems pretty much endless but every once in awhile a small label pops up that has exactly what you want without you being at all aware of it. Enter Small Plates Records.

Despite knowing several of their fellas behind the scenes, my knowledge of the label actually came, as it should, from the bands they've worked with. Many of my obsessions over the past year or so have either worked with them or spoke highly off them. Before Guards released their debut full length this year, they had a three song 7" with Small Plates. High Highs, Hands, and Gracie all released EPs. Even signed bands like Hundred Waters found a way to work with the Small Plates Records crew - releasing a two song 7" full of special alternative versions of arguably two of the best tracks off their self-titled debut.

To say I regard the work the small label is doing with nothing but the deepest admiration and respect would be an understatement. So it only seemed fitting to ask a label responsible for not only some of my favorite releases of the past year but also some of my most anticipated releases of this year (I'm looking at you Bleeder EP and Stadium Red Sessions) to contribute in this little celebration of others who've had a definite influence over All Around Sound. Hope you enjoy.

Eamon at Small Plates Records' contribution:
Almost all the tracks were ripped from really filthy vinyl 45s- mainly mid to late 90s dancehall versions on labels from Kingston. Two of the tracks are on the Rhythm and Sound label out of Germany that was doing great digital dub singles in the early 00s.

1. King Asha - Crank Angle Part 2
2. Power Man - Nuff Respect (Virgin Island Jazzwad Version)
3. Lady Saw & Merciless - Long Til It Bend (Version)
4. Beenie Man - Yaw Yaw (Version)
5. Rhythm & Sound w/ Paul St. Hilaire - Jah Rule (Jah Version)
6. Deenie Ranks - Slam and Go Talk (Version)
7.Merciless ft. Diana - Have A Nice Weekend (Version)
8. Rocker-T - A New Revelation (Version)
9. Rhythm & Sound w/ Shalom - We Been Troddin (Troddin Version)
10. Lloyd Brown - You Got It Goin On (Version)
11. Aaron Silk - Black Power (Jazz-Wad Version)
12. Scare Dem II - Real Thing ($Casino$ Jazzwad Version)

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