Thursday, March 14, 2013

Listen: Wild Ones - "Golden Twin"

Sometime this year Portland indie-pop quartet Wild Ones will be releasing their debut full length and if their latest single "Golden Twin" is anything to go off, their follow up to their You're A Winner EP is going to be a an enjoyable affair.

Glimpsed briefly in previous single "It's Real" but far more evident in "Golden Twin", the sort of sugary pop of their formative years have more or less been scrubbed clean from the band, remaining purely in Danielle Sullivan's sweet, girlish vocals. But their bouncy synth pop has taken on a rockier, less pristine edge. Slightly glitchy but still fluid, Sullivan's vocals billow over the band, high enough to remain as immaculate and clear as they've been in the past without seeming entirely separate from the band's groove. All while retaining that spark that originally drew people to Wild Ones. It's just a much more mature band more able in balancing their pop hooks with instrumentals of worth.

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