Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All Around Sound is Turning Three! - Day 3 Bonus Mix: Daughn Gibson

Last year, the inadvertent discovery of Daughn Gibson through the strange yet not that strange happenstance of him playing a show with ARMS brought the genre-bending incredibleness of All Hell to my knowledge. It's an album I probably wouldn't have sought out myself, especially considering the terms people used to describe it. Largely electronic based with a sort of country swagger. Those two blended together just didn't compute and yet a blind listen proved that it was a thing I was very much into. 

So when I had the idea of spicing up the blog birthday with a series of mixes by bands I like (a tradition started last year by ARMS' Todd Goldstein in a strange yet not that strange twist), it seemed completely natural to ask Daughn Gibson for his input. It was a mix I was excited about getting because I had absolutely no expectations about what would be on it. What kind of genre mashups would I get? It was pretty much unfathomable to me what I'd be receiving so I set my brain to other matters. And of course, true to form, Daughn Gibson's contribution both makes a strange sort of sense and manages to be head-scratching at the same time (especially if you're not familiar with the man). A lengthy album-centric mix that hops from heavy metal, rap, classic rock, and folk, it pretty much covers the wide gamut of genres as we know them. I'd expected nothing. 

Daughn Gibson's contribution: 
Blut Aus Nord - "The Work Which Transforms God" - Imagine suffering the trauma of war while under the influence of a sleazy, psychotropic drug. Guitars that swarm and overwhelm without ever articulating a decipherable riff.
Steve Gunn - "Time Off" - Sunday morning driving music. Beautiful repetitions, incredible guitar playing, memorable songwriting. On repeat.
Fleetwood Mac - "Tango in the Night" - When I find myself in a dark place, this brings me into the light.

Stone Temple Pilots - "Purple" - Not much else conjurs a sweet nostalgia for me like "Purple" This album is how I learned to play drums and was the soundtrack to a family vacation to Delaware, where I met a girl on the beach and was cool for the first time.
Chief Keef - "Finally Rich"  At 3 o'clock everyday I go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and put this on, loud.through the drive thru.

Steve Gunn's album isn't out at this time so instead there's two videos featuring tracks off of Time Off. One a live video featuring the trio he assembled for the album, another a studio session featuring Gunn solo. 

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