Monday, March 11, 2013

Listen/Watch: Raindeer - "Tattoo"

Winter is almost over which means that bands far and wide are cranking out summery jams completely glossing over the season in between. Everyone that is except Baltimore's Raindeer. On "Tattoo", the first single from their upcoming album of the same name, Raindeer shelve a little bit of the effect-laden electronics from their self-titled debut in favor of a slightly more unaffected track. It's sunny but not too bright; a warm jaunt that seems to effortless recall those warmer spring days where you can laze around perhaps even without a jacket. It's almost clean, polished indie pop except with Charlie Hughes trademark quirky spin. There's still big sci-fi movie recalling synth parts (mostly in the intro/outro) but there's also slightly less of everything it seems.

In the video for the track, the Raindeer crew take the youthful energy of the tune and turn it into a full out party. There's balloons, confetti, streamers; the works. But rather than a rager, the party instead takes place as a hang among friends. The band are playing to no one in particular, arm in arm singing and smiling and smoking cigarettes. Everything is calm and laid back, very much like the track soundtracking it all.

Enjoy the video directed by Nick Hughes:
Raindeer - Tattoo from Wolf Stream on Vimeo.

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