Thursday, March 14, 2013

Listen: Thin Hymns - "All Around You"

Last year, when Caleb from Lands & Peoples introduced me to Chicago's Thin Hymns, I lamented that despite their interesting and catchy form of experimental pop that there they had an almost tragically meager output. Next month that's soon about to change. The Chicago quintet will be releasing Black Water, the follow up to 2011's Logic & Theory EP.

If first single "All Around You" is anything to go off, the pseudo Daniel Rossen/Grizzly Bear vibes that bubbled to the surface on Logic & Theory (especially in "Cast Aside") have pretty much been burned off. In fact "All Around You" leans in to the rather psychedelic vibe they're Logic & Theory era songs seemed to give off without ever heading full on in that direction. There's still the touches of pop-infused textural landscapes. But there's quicker grooves and deeper, more fathomless layering.

"All Around You" is more than your standard piece of psychedelica, from it's rather rapid but still jogging tempo break out of the gate, it manages to both open up broadly as well as slow down to allow a more thorough enjoyment of it's various moving parts.

Thin Hymns' Black Water EP is out April 9th. 

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