Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Around Sound Is Turning Three! - Day 2: The Wild Honey Pie

In a couple days, All Around Sound turns three. To celebrate, we're continuing last year's tradition of featuring mixes from friends/influencers of the blog. Enjoy!

My introduction to The Wild Honey Pie happened through a chance meeting with staff photographer/videographer Alex Munro at Conveyor's record release show. We happened to have a mutual friend there, got along famously, and afterwards would trade music suggestions based on small amount we knew of one another's tastes as well as old-fashioned excitement to share over Twitter. A lot of Alex's suggestions would be bands featured in the Wild Honey Pie's Buzzsessions and/or Honey I'm Home Sessions. It was a strange sort of chance that I happened to meet other staff members as I showed up to various events like one of their co-sponsored CMJ shows or their 3rd Birthday show. While I showed up for the bands, it was after the absolutely stacked with talent birthday show that I realized The Wild Honey Pie is a site I should be paying a hell of a lot more attention to.

While there's a whole lot of worth going on on The Wild Honey Pie, one of my favorite things and the most immersive, time-consuming thing I find myself invested in are their Buzzsessions. Beautifully shot and featuring  absolutely fantastic bands flexing their live chops in an intimate setting, the Buzzsessions are pretty much one of the best things The Wild Honey Pie offers. Something truly unique, and interesting, and truly worthwhile and apparently I'm not alone in that thinking. For The Wild Honey Pie's playlist contribution founder/head bee Eric Weiner chose some of his favorite buzzsessions (which also happen to contain some of my own) as well as a couple of his favorite new tracks.

Eric contribution:

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