Monday, March 11, 2013

All Around Sound is Turning Three! - Day 7 Bonus Mix: Lands & Peoples

Over the weekend (yesterday to be exact) All Around Sound officially celebrated it's third birthday and while the mix I made to herald the occasion seemed to be the last one -lo, we have a bonus mix from none other than one of my favorite new bands Baltimore's Lands & Peoples.

My discovery of Lands & Peoples came, as all good things seemed to in 2011, from my obsessive and ever-growing ARMS love. You see, in an effort to cram as much ARMS into my brain as humanly possible before Summer Skills was even announced, I stumbled upon the Big Ugly Yellow Couch. One of ARMS sessions had a suggested video of Lands & Peoples live at SXSW and intrigued I followed the link. While the Lands & Peoples I viewed there was almost in no way related to the Lands & Peoples I would come to know, the seed was already planted and those sweet, sweet harmonies had me hooked beyond belief.

After a couple emails sent back and forth to learn about them in which the remaining bands members Caleb and Beau explained a shift in musical direction, I was intrigued and soon got to reap the spoils of the musical soul-searching adventure in the form of a recorded live session. When I finally did get to see them at CMJ, my mind was utterly blown. The two were utterly in sync, trading instruments, swapping places, looping and what have you without the slightest need for a word exchanged between them. And of course, the biggest kicker was that those incredible harmonies remained. I was transfixed, astonished, and in love.

Lands & Peoples have evolved a bit since that first show but one thing remains: their questing for innovative ideas, never content to just do the same thing over, even frowning upon just becoming a loop band and seeking various methods of making their live set dynamic and engaging - a feat they achieve excellently.

So when I thought to ask several bands for contributions for All Around Sound's b-day mix extravaganza, Lands & Peoples seemed like the people to call. Caleb and I already engaging in several suggestion exchanges in the past, I looked rather forward to Lands & Peoples' mix. Unsure of just how weird it would get and or just how absolutely amazing it could possible be. True to form, my completely and utter faith in the band was rewarded.

Caleb from Lands & Peoples' contribution:

This mix will float you around the various influences that I have personally been picking up on in 2012 / thus far in 2013. In chronological order,
I've been obsessed with: 
  • Dilla-esque shuffly beat music, 
  • anything that is related to or inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop,
  • my favorite band of all time Broadcast, and
  • the relatively new influx of amazing, 60s throwback pop music (or, "sounds old but is new", and JAMS)
Kicking off the mix is the only song that doesn't fit into any of those categories, and that's Ennio Morricone's main title theme music from the film "Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion".
I have no idea how I stumbled upon this, but I've listened to it about a hundred times within the last couple of months.

Thanks to Dante for being one of the nicest dude's in the game. Happy birthday to A.A.S.!!

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