Thursday, March 21, 2013

Listen: Young Man - "Unfair"

I'm sure we've all at sometime in our youth regarded something as being unfair only to be chided by our adult overseer (parents, teacher, babysitter, et. al) that life isn't fair. That's sort of what's happening in this new track by Chicago based singer/songwriter Colin Caulfield aka Young Man. Rather instead of the external force needing to give the reality check, Caulfield is wholly capable of doing it himself and does so.

Featuring the same production team as Vol. 1, Beyond Was All Around Me - the final chapter in Caulfield's adolescent ruminations, seems a whole lot less introspective. Sure, the songs are still borne out of Caulfield's inward looking but the arrangements, at least that from what we've seen on "In A Sense" and now "Unfair" seem to be a lot more outwardly poppy than we've glimpsed thus far. Caulfield still comments on his thoughts and inner workings but the music around them doesn't attempt to force you to do the same. It's a balance reached rather precisely on "Unfair". The truly important lyrics like Caulfield's "Where am I supposed to go? Because I've always done what I'm told" percolate to the surface among the myriad of instrumental parts - the laid-back drums, the grooving bass, the weaving summery guitar that surround it. 

Young Man's Beyond Was All Around Me is out April 9th on Frenchkiss.

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