Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Listen: Salt Cathedral - "Dirty Me"

This weekend, Salt Cathedral are getting the chance to once again flex their brilliant live chops opening up for   Hundred Waters and in celebration they've released another new track. "Dirty Me" with it's shuffling percussive intensity is another peak at their far more inticate, laser precise direction. With their Il Abanico days getting farther behind them, the Crossing Colors EP seems like a distant memory - especially when compared to the far more ambling complexity of the new tracks. With each new song, Salt Cathedral get closer to capturing their electrifying live energy and putting that out to be consumed over and over. It's not quite the same as viewing their incendiary performance yet but it's a far more realistic portrayal of what you're in for if you do see them live. So if "Dirty Me" or their "Take Me to the Sea" sound like you're kind of thing, make sure you see them live as soon as you are able like this Saturday at Glasslands Gallery, perhaps.

In case you missed it, here's Salt Cathedral's first single "Take Me to the Sea" under the new moniker.

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