Monday, June 17, 2013

Listen: Alex G - "Lucy"

Remember Alex G? The rip-roaring indie rock Philly foursome that simultaneous inspired a mosh pit at the Orchid Tapes showcase and in my heart? Well their latest track "Lucy" is perhaps nothing at all like that. Oddly enough despite it being a definite change of pace it still rather fills with what you might very well expect from Alex G. Weird, I know. And yet, the rather electronic-leaning track doesn't feel like a dramatic statement from Alex G. Sure it could and probably is a fun little experiment and yet, as far as experiments go, it's not just a simple throw away piece. It slowly builds in complexity while never quite becoming overly complicated. Each moving part audible and stacked on top of each other to get the desire effect. There's not a whole lot being said (other than "Lucy") but there doesn't need to be, there's plenty of exciting things taking shape in front of you.

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