Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watch: Laura Marling - "Bleed Me Dry" (Live on WNYC)

Laura Marling's short but sweet North American tour has come and gone with surprising lightning quickness and while she returns to her European stomping grounds to enchant and captivate the masses there, there is hope for those of us left behind. You see, with a new album means a new press cycle which means Marling's bit hitting the radio stations and the like giving interviews, playing acoustic sessions, and my favorite Laura Marling past time debuting new songs. When Marling visited WNYC's Spinning on the Air, she cracked out this dazzling little gem called "Bleed Me Dry" (you might remember last cycle she also pulled out a new song in "Pray For Me" which found it's way onto Once I Was An Eagle).

"Bleed Me Dry" continues very much in the tradition of Marling's sort of backpedaling one sided love conversations. Build upon a sweetly simple nursery rhyme like melody, "Bleed Me Dry" is a rarity in that it subtly acknowledges the lovers left behind in the dust after you've moved on. It's a rather innocence-illuminating song as its filled with hypotheticals as she questions how you actually know you're in love, what it takes to be in love;  relying on "I've heard..." rather than Marling's usual matter-of-fact examinations. It's a sweetly spun yarn that ends with a rather forward appeal for help and understanding and most importantly, surrender albeit ever so cautious. It could easily be a leftover from the rather naivete-basking first part of Once I Was An Eagle, a peak into where Marling intends to go next, or just a song Marling wrote because she wanted to. Maybe all three, who's to say really. All that really matters is that it's pretty great.

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