Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Watch: Another Hell featuring Daughn Gibson

A couple months back, a half year ago in fact, a photo went up on Daughn Gibson's Facebook. "On the set of All Hell video, Frazier, CA" it said. Since then I've been anticipating a music video particularly because if we've learned anything from Daughn Gibson's incredible debut, he's not the sort of man who does what you expect.

True to form, the video for All Hell isn't just your standard music video. No, instead it's a 6 minute short film inspired by All Hell and conceptualized by director Sam Farahmand. A fan of Daughn Gibson's music, Farahmand created a rather homage to the feelings All Hell invokes - it's full of mystery, a snapshot of rural family life explored on the album without being a simple retelling of the album's stories. No, instead Another Hell is a different story entirely. Featuring Daughn Gibson himself, Another Hell functions as a sort of psychological think piece - it's reveals very little about itself, subtle when it does, and nothing aside from Daughn Gibson's presence is all that resolute. Characters come and go, odd considering Daughn Gibson's clearly the drifter here. Instead of featuring just one song it features snippets from several - notably "A Young Girl's World" and "In the Beginning".

Another Hell is tense, foreboding, and oddly a bit hopeful with a shot of a rather content Daughn Gibson serving as the parting shot.

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