Monday, June 17, 2013

Listen: Raindeer - "Aiko"

What a thrilling time it must be to be a fan of Baltimore experimental pop crew Raindeer. After releasing the second track "Tune Out" from their upcoming full length Tattoo, they're already offering up another one and while details about the upcoming full length have yet to be fully divulged we now know that Friends Records will be putting it out. That means this is actually happening and soon. That's cause for celebration and what better track to soundtrack your joyous rapture than "Aiko".

Built upon a doo-wop progression, "Aiko" is a lot more than you'd expect. Invoking for at least a short time the band's debut self-titled at least in terms of the nostalgia-delving sounds, it's not long before it snaps out of the simple melody before rising into a rather jubilant carnival-esque vocalise. Layers swirl in and out of focus all the time the track plods gaily forward with an unrelenting sense of merriment.

With this trifecta of album sneak peeks, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I honestly have no idea what to expect from Tattoo. Each of the tracks manage to be rather unlike the one's heard before while not feeling totally out of sync. What the rest of the album will sound like is really anyone's guess at this point as Raindeer seem content to build each song a completely different kind of stylistic experimentation. A exciting turn of events as each track manages to be a more than adequate stand alone piece, it'll be interesting to see how it all shapes up. Here's hoping news of the album's eventual release comes soon.

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