Friday, June 7, 2013

Watch: Typhoon - "Dreams of Cannibalism"

Portland folk collective Typhoon's video for their recently released 2nd single "Dreams of Cannibalism" from their upcoming album White Lighter takes the tracks opening line "Unhand me, I am not a criminal" and runs with it. Kyle Morton plays a prisoner and former leader of a group of intelligent free-thinkers that consist of Typhoon band members.

After establishing Morton's character preaching to the enchanted listeners, the video quickly cuts to Morton captured, bound, and with a hood over his head. After that, the video kind of gets a little liberal with its time-frame. Bits and pieces of the story are revealed amidst more development as you discover Morton was captured at that very rallying meeting. After his initial capture he manages to escape but his disappearance isn't unnoticed and his pursuers are hot on his heels. The video is a rather short but ongoing game of cat and mouse between Typhoon's member and their persecutors who while played by children are rendered a bit more terrifying but their weapon-brandishing and quick use of violence. If I was Typhoon, I'd be running away from those kids too. The video eventually leads towards a dramatic conclusion which I won't spoil because it's actually an brilliantly unexpected twist.

I may have been a little suspicious by the initial literal handling of the track's lyrics but there was no need. I forgot just who I was dealing with here. Typhoon couldn't do a horrible thing if they tried. Which really just makes the wait for White Lighter even more painful because you just know it's going to be incredible.

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