Friday, June 28, 2013

Listen: The Dodos - "Substance"

A couple weeks ago we got our first taste of The Dodos' fourth studio album Carrier with "Confidence", which marked a sort of revitalized return for the band as well as an exploration of different guitar tones. "Substance" is in an odd way, a callback to Time to Die in so far as it adds another layer to the band's technical pop clatter.

Despite it being the more emotive of the two tracks we've been expose to, it's far more bustling. "Confidence" slowly plodded before erupting into an incendiary climax. "Substance" maintains the rather high energy all throughout; adding brass stabs for emphasis at its climax instead.

Considering the strength of both tracks, there's really no doubt that Carrier will be great. Until it's release in two months, we have two very great tracks to keep us company.

The Dodos' Carrier is out August 27th on Polyvinyl.

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