Thursday, June 6, 2013

Listen: Lucius - "Until We Get There"

Since my discovery of Brooklyn indie pop quintet Lucius at last year's Deli B.E.A.F, I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of new music from them, more opportunities to hear Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig's bold, brassy vocals and the bands distinctive brand of 60s leaning power pop. We've gotten peaks of course in the form of their tragically short self-titled four song EP released last spring as well as through the Christmas themed session for The Wild Honey Pie and their songs showing up remarkably in all matter of TV shows but this fall, we're finally getting a full length. Thank our lucky stars.

"Until We Get There", our first look at the band's upcoming studio album also marks their signing to Mom + Pop Records which boasts a pretty eclectic and exciting roster. But what can I say, I'm really just all a buzz with excitement that we're finally getting a Lucius full length. "Until We Get There" follows is a stream of rather journey-inspired tracks (the first being "Two Of Us On The Run"). It's the kind of track that wouldn't be out of place soundtracking a tour documentary or a roadtrip. It's actually a decidedly new look at Lucius.
While their self-titled EP covered a wide range of tonal shifts, we never quite got a track like "Until We Get There" which combines the subdued vocals stylings of "Don't Just Sit There" with the galvanizing energy of "Genevieve".  It also functions as a far more interactive band experience, for the first time in their recorded out you truly hear Lucius as a quintet and less like a vehicle for the impressive vocal chops of its two ladies.

I'm going to counting the days until their full length makes it way into the world but until then, "Until We Get There" will be perfect company.

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