Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Listen: Saskatchewan - "Destroy"/"Youth Ministry"

I don't know about you but there seems to be a severe lack in summer jams this year. Those tracks that are either fun beach-pop numbers or just summer-invoking guitar rock gems - anything that seems to say "Summer's here". Enter Florida dream pop quartet Saskatchewan. Though their album Occasion came out almost two months ago, it seems to usher in the arrival of summer perfectly. Especially the one-two punch of "Destroy" and "Youth Ministry".

"Destroy" has a rather Drums-esque feel with it's slow brick-laid layer build but where The Drums' Jonny Pierce would sail away on the winds of his falsetto, Saskatchewan's Chandler Strang rides the track's undulating bass lines with his smooth baritone. Each instrument is used sparingly, with the guitar performing more percussively, and there's just the right amount of space that the whole track shines with it's own sun-flecked brightness.

While "Destroy" seemed to skip and flitter about (mostly due to the skipping stone guitar riffs), "Youth Ministry" is far more content to just gently roll on like a lazy river. In fact, it's perfect for those lazy summer days when it's too hot to do much of anything requiring too much effort. Sprawled in the shade or lounging by the pool "Youth Ministry" is your jam soundtracking the minimal amount of work you do to keep yourself cool.

So while it remains to be seen if we'll get other jams this summer, at the very least we've got two here. Because of course a Florida band would do you right. If you haven't yet you can stream/download Saskatchewan's Occasion via Bandcamp.

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