Friday, June 14, 2013

Watch: Psychic Twin - BreakThruRadio Live Session

My initially discovery of Psychic Twin was due to a conversation with Cemeteries' Kyle Reigle. He mentioned they were working on a song together (in what eventually came to be "Attean" from Reigle's Camp Counselors project) and my interest was peaked. Who was Psychic Twin? That question lead me to a modest Bandcamp page where I streamed all the available music and found the pairing of Reigle and Psychic Twin's Erin Fein to be a fitting one. Both create a sort of ethereal yet catchy form of dream-pop with a bit of an electronic element. Their vocals were even rather similar in a sense. The idea of them making music together seemed to be make more and more sense the more I listened to Psychic Twin. And their collaboration for Camp Counselors, though a little out of Reigle's normal Cemeteries element proved this to be so.

When I found out that Psychic Twin had just recently done a Break Thru Radio Live Session, I was of course intrigued. Though they only came to my attention a short time ago, I almost say them live when the show got cancelled in a bizarre twist. What did Psychic Twin sound like live? I didn't know. But thankfully this BTR session exists so for the moment I can pretend I know what their live show is like. Featuring "Strangers" in full and bits of "Unlock Your Heart" and "Don't Think", you can tell that Fein, the project's leader is very much a child of the 80s, surrounding her pristine vocal loops with synth-pop stylings that wouldn't be out of place back then. But it's a sort of synthesis of her love of 80s music paired with her own musical ideas that make Psychic Twin more than just an 80s revival act, I feel. "Unlock Your Heart" in particular has a sort of nostalgia-invoking sense without actually sounding like a particular band, and that's just the sort of way it should be.

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