Friday, March 30, 2012

Horse Feathers - "Where I'll Be"

No joke - I was about halfway through Portland folk quartet Horse Feathers' first track off their upcoming album when I preordered it. Because Horse Feathers are one of those rare and true bands consistently serving up grade A level folk pop. There's three album full of nothing but the stuff and it's looking like their fourth addition Cynic's New Year will only add to their reign as one of the most endearingly great folk bands around today. Justin Ringle has a strange knack for writing tunes that take on a sort of seasonal significance and from the two tracks we've heard so far - "Fit As the Country" and brand new track "Where I'll Be", Ringle's picking up right where Thistled Spring left off - kind of floweringly spring-like with the subtle hint of sweltering summer heat. Considering I was completely won over by "Fit As the Country", anything the quartet offer up after is just gravy.

Listen to Horse Feathers' "Where I'll Be":

Horse Feathers' Cynic's New Year is out April 17th on Kill Rock Stars.

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