Monday, July 1, 2013

Listen: Typhoon - "Young Fathers"

Oregon's Typhoon will always be a folk band. It's a fact that will always and should always be true and yet that doesn't mean that they should allow themselves into being forced into a box of pretty folk music. "Young Fathers" continues to subtly defy expectations of Typhoon's trademark sound - introducing a sort of start-stop rock purrs alongside it's usual life-affirming lyricism and layers of pristinely crafted instrumentals.

"Young Fathers" makes an artform out of a non-cohesive songwriting drawing more attention to it because of its occasional lurches forward, in it's baton-passed vocals, it's rapid swelling intensity, It employs new methods without completely disconnecting from the Typhoon fans have grown to love. A delightful blend of old and new and another dazzling gem from their upcoming White Lighter.    

Typhoon's upcoming full length White Lighter is out August 20th on Roll Cat Records but you can preorder the album now and help the band purchase a van for their upcoming fall tour via their Kickstarter.

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