Friday, September 21, 2012

Watch: Writer - "Hot Days"

When I discovered recent San Francisco to Brooklyn transplants Writer (brothers Andy and James Ralph) at the far beginning of this year, I was eager to get anything resembling new music from them and while they've partially satiated that need with a couple 7" singles released sporadically throughout this year, it seems like next month I'll truly get my wish. You see, Writer are dropping a debut full length. Entitled Brotherface and streeting October 30th, it will no doubt featuring more of the Brothers Ralph's clamorous two-man garage rock and that's something to get excited about. There's no news yet on what we may find on there but it seems like "Hot Days" (from the duo's Barefoot Art 7" they released two years ago) has made the cut.

And they're ringing in the occasion with a brand new video. "Hot Days" takes a bit of a literal approach to its title taking place in the Mojave Desert. The band plays in various parts Joshua Tree National Park along with pretty choice visual effects and the result is pretty damn great. And gets me all riled up and fiending for Writer's debut full length so well played, Writer. Well played, indeed.

Writer's debut full length Brotherface is out October 30th so mark those calendars. It's going to be a rocking good time.

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