Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Efterklang - "Apples"

As the release date for Efterklang's upcoming album Piramida looms ever nearer, we're getting more and more tastes of what the end product will be like. We've heard "Ghosts" albeit in the orchestral arrangement of their ongoing Piramida tour, then first single "Hollow Mountain", and if you were paying any attention to the Danish trio yesterday they premiered a brand new track "Dreams Today" (which you might recognize from the Piramida trailer) over on a Dutch radio station which you can listen to here.

But all of these exciting album previews all sort of pale in comparison to newly revealed track "Apples". The new track doesn't have any of the fancy dressings of a women's choir like "Dreams Today" or "Hollow Mountain", instead it's Efterklang at their most simple with a swaggering bass groove and piano-centric counter melodies that meander in and out of focus. And yet while the simplest Efterklang song we've heard so far, it's by no means sparse - featuring brass swells and layers of intoxicating instrumentals surging beneath Casper's pleasant baritone. "Apples" alone is enough to make me want to pre-order the album right away.

Listen and download Efterklang's new song "Apples":
 Efterklang - Apples by Efterklang

Efterklang's fourth full length album Piramida is out September 25th in the States and 24th everywhere else.

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