Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Listen: Ullbasunen - "Wet Suit"

From the misty forest of Mid Sweden rolls something new and different. Meet Ullbasunen (translation: Wool Bassoon), a quirky Swedish electronic artist who stitches together synthy soundscapes with tender love and care.

Like the mists of the Nordlands he calls home Ullbasunen's "Wet Suit" rolls in and out with a sense of pervasive mystery and otherworldly eerie that makes the minimalistic plod intriguing. From it's sparse beginnings, Ullbasunen drapes layers of samples, homemade sounds, and the like atop each other to create a calm ocean of sounds that perfectly balances the track's obvious complexity with a sense of ease and simplicity.

 Ullbasunen - "Wet Suit" by All Around Sound Blog

"Wet Suit" is off of Ullbasunen's upcoming Action Force EP on Chipndamned Records out soon.

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