Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Watch: David Byrne & St. Vincent - "Who"

With David Byrne and St. Vincent's collaborative album Love This Giant out next week and an album stream already up, it's certainly about time we got a video for the thing. And if case you weren't sure their partnership would churn out something both massively quirky but all together stunning, well clearly you don't know the two of them. Their video for "Who" is no exception.

Beginning with what looks like a car accident, David Byrne encounters Annie Clark lying face up in front of his car. After checking to see if she's alright, he moves her closer to his car while he appears to be pondering what to do. And then things start to spiral a little into absurdity. There's a good old dance party as David Byrne starts dancing and Annie Clark mimics him at a safe space. And then several different versions of the accident in question begin to play out so that you're not too sure what actually happened. It's kind of a trip made all the more wonderful and confoundingly amazing by the brass-laden "Who" soundtracking the whole thing.

Watch David Byrne and St. Vincent's video for "Who" directed by Martin de Thurah:

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