Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Listen: Secret Mountains - "High Horse"

Thanks to the generous support of fans far and wide through Kickstarter, Baltimore psychedelic rock sextet Secret Mountains will be putting out their debut full length album Rainer this year. And while that's of course cause for celebrate it seems we've got a whole other reason to celebrate. Today the band's Shaking Through session came out and it features a brand new track that you'll only have heard if you were lucky enough catch a live show of there's recently.

The new track "High Horse" is definitely the least upbeat tempo as the band that's most known to me and countless others for their propensity for tight-knit, intricate jams more or less takes a break from that to get a bit of emotional catharsis. The result is a beautiful and touching tribute to a lost loved one that sees the band turning enough of a new leaf to keep things interesting without flipping the script entirely. It's the kind of change that'll no doubt help Rainer to really feel like a full, mature work.

Hear Secret Mountains' "High Horse":

For their session the band had a bunch of really nifty things to say about their recording and even songwriting process which you can watch in this video which is part recording documentary, music video, and interview here:

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