Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watch: Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams Trailer #7 featuring "Ends of the Earth" + "Ends of the Earth" stream

Like them or not (which you totally SHOULD), one thing you can says about Los Angeles based band Lord Huron is that they never do anything halfway. Today the band premiere another trailer for their upcoming full length Lonesome Dreams which brings the count to seven. Seven trailers, seven unique opportunities to hear snippets of upcoming tracks from the debut.

In the case of this trailer though, you may have already heard the song in its entirety as Lord Huron's "Ends of the Earth", the first track on Lonesome Dreams, was recently chosen as KCRW's Track of the Day and given away as free download. So if you were paying attention you got an ear-full of Lord Huron's cinematic Western-invoking folky goodness. If not, never fear. Lonesome Dreams is rapidly on its way and Lord Huron seem determined that you never forget that. The trailer featuring panning view of mountains and plains as if to say "Yep, this is where it's all going down". Sounds uneventful but any opportunity to hear Lord Huron's amazing new tracks is a good one in my book. Enjoy trailer number seven featuring "Ends of the Earth":

Lord Huron's debut full length Lonesome Dreams is out October 9th on IAMSound.

Get a full taste of "Ends of the Earth" here:

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