Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watch: Hundred Waters - "Thistle"

In case you were unaware of Florida musical tapestry-weavers Hundred Waters and their absolutely awe-inspiring debut self-titled album that came out earlier this year, here's a reminder to check out an album utterly stacked to the brim with impressive musical statements and innovative ideas. And it seems Hundred Waters aren't content to sit quietly with that title for their music: no, the quintet also carrying that over into their brand new video for latest single "Thistle".

The video, animated by Martin Allais which begins right at the apparent death of a horse, plays like an intriguing mystery where the viewer is expected to put in ample effort to decode it. After the revival of the aforementioned horse, it travels far and wide attempting to get to a shack of undescribed but no doubt important value. While journeying forth, the horse encounters all sorts of trails and has premonitions of its eventual death and at the the end we're shown visuals of the horse's beleaguered  lungs and heart before everything cuts to black leaving no doubt about the horse's tragic end.

Watch Hundred Waters' spectacular video for "Thistle":

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