Friday, September 7, 2012

Watch: Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams Trailer #5 featuring " The Man Who Lives Forever"

Well clearly Lord Huron are on a roll this week. After releasing "Ends of the Earth" as KCRW Tune of the Day Wednesday and "Brother (Last Ride)" yesterday as Rolling Stone's Daily Download, I half-expected Lord Huron to craw into a hole for close to a month until around the date their upcoming debut full length came out. Not so.

However instead of another spanking new track for our consumption, we're being gifted with another one of their trailers for Lonesome Dreams. This one, the fifth in the series, features track "The Man Who Lives Forever" keeps up the old school film varnish. Unlike the other trailers in the series which looked like they'd be easily be videos detailing the adventures of Huron and his gang, trailer five features some found footage much like the video for "Mighty" although this case instead of animals, it's Hindi dancers.

Way to keep us all guessing Lord Huron. Watch the fifth trailer for Lonesome Dreams:

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