Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watch: First Aid Kit - "Wolf"

Earlier this year, Swedish sister folk duo First Aid Kit released The Lion's Roar, the follow up to their 2010 debut The Big Black and the Blue and while the album name-checks and musically cites a number of the sisters' influences from 70s folk til now, the duo's best track to date is "Wolf" which didn't make the album. On their full length debut ,with tracks like "Hard Believer", the sisters proved themselves willing and able to tackle big picture topics and on "Wolf", the girls lament the destruction of the Earth in a manner not unlike Bowerbirds' "In Our Talons". It's subtle but that's what makes it most effective.

In the video for the track directed by Johan Söderberg (no relation to the sisters Söderberg surprisingly enough), the sisters take to the forests of their native Sweden for a bout of ritualistic dance to awaken their inner beasts and become a part of nature once more. There's beautiful pseudo-psychedelic light shows and  the whole thing culminates in a fearsome blaze consuming the sisters and their sacred monument. A stellar and equally incredible video.

Watch First Aid Kit's video for non-album track "Wolf":

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