Friday, July 19, 2013

Listen: ARMS - "Comfort"

Ending on a definite somber note on their excellent sophomore record Summer Skills, Brooklyn indie rockers ARMS have return almost two years later with the incendiary "Comfort". Where Summer Skills crackled and surged with urgency and drama, "Comfort" feels far more ambulant; where Summer Skills sweltered and scorched, "Comfort" rolls forward with the all the intensity of a refreshing spring breeze. That's not to say "Comfort" doesn't rock, it most certainly does but ARMS reinvigorated return strives to be less cinematic and far more scenic this time around. Todd Goldstein contents himself with exploring guitar tones underneath the track's billowing, caressed melodies and the result is a balance of experimental texture play with a softer edge.

"Comfort" is ARMS' declaration of independence from themselves, content to be far less cerebral and enjoy its sumptuous traverses a little more than previously allowed. It's not a terribly revolutionary bit of reinvention with many an ARMS trademark still in use but it's a breath of fresh of air deeply felt from its members able to find the comfort their track laudably condemns. Welcome back ARMS, we've certainly missed you.

ARMS 2nd EP, the appropriately titled EP2 will be out September 10th on Paper Garden Records.

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