Monday, July 22, 2013

Pitstop: Night Moves

                                                            (Photo by Nick Walker)

My discovery of Minneapolis foursome Night Moves happened as most of my discoveries tend to - by their affiliation with another band, in this case Night Moves being the headliners at an upcoming Brooklyn show featuring ARMS.

Perhaps the most endearing thing about the quartet is the way their music kind of hang out on the very fringes of genre. There's a dream folk haze, undeniable pop rock moments, and sparringly employed string arrangements that rival those of your standard indie pop band. Night Moves are sort of an amalgam of all these things and more. Recalling a sort 70s psych rock group with a modern twist, I was actually surprised to learn they weren't from the Bay area of California.

Their debut album Colored Emotions released last year on Domino Records is the perfect summation of their influences and inspired sounds - every label you can ascribe to the band finds a proper footing on the album and is utilized to make an absolutely  unpinnable album - there's a sort of vintage folk rock purr as the base with an electronic fuzz giving the songs their hazy atmospheric glimmer,  baroque pop grandeur, and classic rock intensity that ensures the whole Frankenstein's monster of influences eventually ambles its way towards the finish line.

Night Moves are more than just a nostalgia act however, their influences are properly utilized and deployed in a way that ensures the group's songs are not only intense enjoyable but also infinitely memorable. Considering my numerous replays of Colored Emotions in full, I'd say they achieved a near perfect alchemical  balance of well-intentioned thought and excellent presentation. It's enough to make you incredibly excited for the opportunity to catch them live. Which you won't actually have to wait too long for since they just hit the road. You can view tour dates here.

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