Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Listen: Lucius - "Hey, Doreen"

After their most recent announcement of signing to Mom + Pop, Brooklyn retro-pop outfit Lucius have wasted little time continuing the spree of good news. This fall, their much anticipated debut album Wildewoman will finally be released. October 15th will be a great day, mark my words.

If "Until We Get There" wasn't enough to satiate your need for new Lucius, they five-some have returned with the sassy "Hey, Doreen" which is rather unlike anything we've heard from them before. Sure, there's the same doo-wop & 60s girl group inspired sounds the group regular draws on but like "Until We Get There", "Hey, Doreen" is another band-centric gem. The ladies powerhouse vocals and trademark harmonies aren't spotlighted this time out, instead utilized during the most sumptuous of band grooves. "Hey, Doreen" is nearly 5 minutes of unadulterated jam and it's an infectious rumpshaker if their ever was on.

It's amazing the level of band growth Lucius has undergone in about a year and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Wildewoman is going to a very special record. Until it's October release date, I'll be bumping "Hey, Doreen" and so should you.

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