Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Listen: Bowerbirds - "July"

Another month draws to a close which of course means another song in Bowerbirds' ongoing shortform song experimentation series Small Songs from a Small Tiny House. If you thought that some of the songs before were a bit unlike what you've come to expect from Bowerbirds than you're in for possibly one of those most jarring experiences. "July" is as un-Bowerbirds like as possible, really. If you caught Bowerbirds' last tour as a three-piece where they unveiled their side project Island Dweller, then you'll have some idea what's going on.

Featuring beats and some high-pitched synth noddling, "July" falls into a sort of R&B-esque realm. There's still Bowerbirds trademark nature imagery but other than that, it's a pretty stark contrast from the Bowerbirds you'd be familiar with. "July" has a bit of an anthemic call to arms with a noticeable Bob Marley inspiration. It's actually pretty good and  highly enjoyable once you get over the initial shock of Bowerbirds leaping so far away from their art-pop/folky sound. 

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