Monday, July 22, 2013

Listen: Saint Rich - "Officer"

Remember Saint Rich? The duo formed from Delicate Steve guitarists Steve Marion and Christian Peslak first made their presence known with the excellent "Sorry/Sadly" before being swallowed up by their intensive tour schedule with Delicate Steve. It's been 8 months since "Sorry/Sadly" but what many thought to perhaps been a one-off track has turned into much more than that. Today, amid news that Saint Rich not only signed to Merge Records but was also putting out an album by the name of Beyond the Drone, we also got another new track in "Officer"

"Officer" is a song for the ramshackle rock lover in all of us. Rougher around the edges than Delicate Steve's pristine melodic guitar lines and even their own "Sorry/Sadly", Saint Rich have proven in just two songs that they're not ones to be pigeonholed. Can you imagine the versatility that'll be contained within their debut full length? I certainly can't. All I know is that I want it and need it and the wait to October is going to be a rough one. Hopefully Saint Rich will ease the heartache with another new track before then but if not, we DO have two absolute resplendent guitar rock gems to keep us company.

Saint Rich's Beyond the Drone is out October 1st on Merge Records.

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