Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Listen: Mutual Benefit - "Advanced Falconry"

I've made absolutely no secret about the fact that Boston dream-pop maestro Mutual Benefit was far and above one of my favorite discoveries at FMLY Fest Brooklyn. Unaware of what I was in for, I was rewarded with aural bliss - a silky smooth and comfortable blanket of sound. One of my favorite songs of the set featured violinist Jake Falby called "Advanced Falconry" and apparently I can now listen to it whenever I want!

No longer do I have to just imagine what it felt like or seek out live videos. I can now download the first cut from Mutual Benefit's upcoming full length Love's Crushing Diamond and just bliss out wherever - on walks out in nature, in the dark in my room on a warm summer night, at picnics, at grad parties, you name it - I will be playing "Advanced Falconry" there. This is simply the best news. I urge you to listen to arrestingly beautiful track because it's more awe-inspiring than words can possibly express. Here's hoping details about Mutual Benefit's upcoming full length come out soon because if there's more songs like "Advanced Falconry" on it, I would like to own them.


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